OpenSim Creator

Empowering model development for biomedical research.

Develop and learn from your biomechanical models. OpenSim Creator is free, open source, software that helps you visually build, edit, and simulate OpenSim models.

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0.5.12 Released

0.5.12 adds support for adding a templated CustomJoint (i.e. a PinJoint-like joint), cleans up some of the UI buttons/menus.

29 Apr 2024

0.5.11 Released 0.5.11 adds support for 2D plotting in the simulation tab, along with in-UI support for adding wrap geometries to frames and associating GeometryPaths with those wrap geometries (demo below).

5 Apr 2024

StationDefinedFrames in 0.5.10

0.5.10 adds provisional support for OpenSim::StationDefinedFrame, which has now been added to OpenSim and should become widely available with the release of OpenSim 4.

6 Mar 2024


Visual Model Building

The mesh importer screen in OpenSim Creator enables people to visually build an OpenSim model from scratch.

Integrated Model Editing

The editor screen in OpenSim Creator enables researchers to edit OpenSim models both in the UI itself and in external tools such as text editors.

Free and Open Source

OpenSim Creator is entirely open source and uses a permissive Apache 2.0 license, which empowers innovators to use it however they want.

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Compatible with OpenSim

OpenSim Creator uses the OpenSim API directly, which makes it very compatible with the existing OpenSim infrastructure, including existing model files.

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